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The Special 200 Original

To celebrate Robert Clarke’s 200th birthday, we have launched this special
edition tinwhistle – The Original ‘200’.


This is a special Anniversary edition of the Clarke Original Tinwhistle to commemorate the birth of Robert Clarke in 1816. It is the same body as the Clarke original in silver but,
with a gold colored medallion near the top of the whistle. Clarke’s Original Tinwhistle is
still produced essentially the same way as Clarke’s first whistle made in 1843.

It has a tapered metal bore to bring the finger holes closer together and to increase the range and make the whistle more accurate in the upper registers.
The sound is difficult to describe in words, when comparing it to a plastic top whistle most people would say more musical, mellower, a little more character or possibly a less modern.

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Simply the finest
The first Clarke Tinwhistle was invented in 1843 in a tiny village, Coney Weston,
near Bury St. Edmunds, in England. He set up his factory in a shed and soon became
a successful manufacturer. He did not trust banks so kept his considerable fortune in golden sovereigns in a bucket in his cellar. He became a very wealthy man and carried his gold coins in a gladstone bag, all from making the instrument that everyone wanted to play.
• Special anniversary edition
• Historically correct tinwhistle with wooden mouthpiece
• Mellow, melodic, slightly breathy sound with good volume
• Excellent choice for both beginner and advanced musicians
• Tapered metal body
• Fingering chart, song sheet and box included
• Available in the key of D or C

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